1. GMah's Avatar

    I was wondering if there's such thing as universal apps for blackberry, and by universal I mean that are packaged to have both the phone version as well as the tablet version. My gut is that there's no such things as both OS are not the same but still I was wondering maybe you can have both in one package and I'm wrong. In a certain way this would be a logical thing to have because one might not want to buy apps twice in order to enjoy it on both device.


    05-01-12 10:10 PM
  2. kill_9's Avatar
    The BlackBerry OS 10 is supposed to come to the BlackBerry PlayBook therefore an application written for the touch screen smartphone should work on the tablet. Right?
    05-01-12 10:16 PM
  3. amro's Avatar

    phone and tablet operating systems are incompatible.

    this will be solved with bb10
    05-01-12 10:16 PM
  4. GMah's Avatar
    Thanks guys for the quick response.
    05-01-12 10:23 PM
  5. shahwaiz90's Avatar
    So RIM has released BB10 Developers tool so can we now make a universal app, which works with both playbook and BB10 devices.?
    10-01-12 08:12 AM
  6. peter9477's Avatar
    shahwaiz90, no, not really. I mean, there's probably a subset of the WebWorks or AIR or Android APIs which will work on both the PlayBook OS and the BB10 beta versions, but that's hardly going to be a great experience. The point is that in the future, once BB10 has been released for both the phones AND the tablets, then apps can definitely be "universal".
    10-01-12 09:03 AM
  7. diegonei's Avatar
    Well, you have BlackBerry News.

    They work the same way and it syncs using your BBID, so all feeds are the same on both apps.

    So yeah, there is ONE. Sadly, only one.
    10-01-12 09:09 AM
  8. Ben1232's Avatar
    I saw Conqu tasks app in playbook app world this afternoon and looked in my Bolds app world to see if it was there and if I could sync them both.

    It isn't in the phone app world.
    10-01-12 11:47 AM
  9. Darlaten's Avatar
    I have to give Apple credit on this regard; the whole concept of "universal" apps is brilliant for a number of reasons; first off, of course, is price - you don't need to purchase the same applications more than once; but second off, the ability to seamlessly move from phone to tablet to phone and so forth, is very handy.

    While not an app in the way that we traditionally think of it, Apple's new upgrade even allows for the bookmarks between Ipad and Iphone to be synced together whereby you can browse on one device; and then switch to the other device to finish browsing.

    I would love to have this integration between the Playbook of the future (can't do it now) and BB10 phones. Syncing browser bookmarks alone would be heaven said given how many of them I have. When it comes to universal - I say bring it on and the more the better.
    10-01-12 03:12 PM
  10. Elwe Feanorfin's Avatar
    Even though BB7 and BB10 are radically different including in architecture, a developer does have the option of "bundling" both versions together. Hence in the phone, it will be the BB7 version and on the PB it will be the QNX version. There hasbeen several apps like this for me, including PDF Creator Ultimate, so I only paid once.
    10-01-12 07:05 PM