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    Hi all,

    Here's a bit of background to my issue, first:

    • Changed password temporarily whilst visiting friends
    • Must have misstyped it as the passwords are wrong
    • Had to security wipe the device
    • Quietly weep as I also forgot to backup the device at all; had to manually restore the files/accounts/apps

    Whilst, restoring everything, I went to change the background picture to one of the defaults, and noticed they're not on the PlayBook; the videos aren't there either. Apparently the OS 2.1 update doesn't include the stock pictures/videos.

    Does anyone know where I could get hold of the stock pictures/videos, or would a kind PlayBook owner be able to supply me them?

    Thanks in advance,

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    10-22-12 10:56 AM
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    Hopefully, someone will have links to where you can get those wallpapers and video. I've seen links on them occasionally.

    A DEBRICK using Desktop software will generally restore those items. A security wipe does not - although since those files are kind of hardwired into the pb, I'm not sure why they do get zapped.

    Good luck.
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    10-22-12 12:31 PM
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    *shameful self bump*
    10-24-12 12:35 PM
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    10-24-12 12:57 PM
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    10-24-12 01:06 PM
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    I do have the original wallpapers in full resolution.. 1920x1920..
    I will see if I can upload them somewhere later in the evening (pretty large and slow net connection..)
    10-24-12 10:56 PM

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