1. dphjeff's Avatar
    Will the BlackBerry Presenter work with the PlayBook and Bold 9930?
    01-26-13 10:09 PM
  2. dphjeff's Avatar
    I purchased the presenter but can not get it to work. When I tried to download it to my phone it said that the phone will not support the presenter. Do you have any tip that will help me.
    01-27-13 09:44 AM
  3. Angus_CB's Avatar
    From what I can tell it doesn't work with either the 9930 or the Playbook using Bluetooth.

    Presenter app on OS 7 devices.

    I do see where some are saying it can work with the Playbook. I don't know why you would want it though.

    There are a lot of threads on this in various forums. Google is your friend.
    01-27-13 10:14 AM
  4. dphjeff's Avatar
    Thanks for the link Angus_CB it answered what I needed to know. I am an Instructor at a college and use my PlayBook and Bold 9930 for almost everything at my job. I don't like dragging out my laptop and hooking it up to our video equipment every time that I need to do a Power Point presentation. I thought it would be nice to leave the BB Presenter hooked up to the video equipment and connect to it with my PlayBooks Bluetooth as needed.
    01-27-13 11:44 AM
  5. Angus_CB's Avatar
    I use an Epson projector with an HDMI connection.
    HDMI works great with the Playbook although it's not wireless.
    I use the same projector with a WiFi connection from a laptop though.
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    01-28-13 05:02 AM
  6. dphjeff's Avatar
    The over head projectors at our college have VGA connectors on them and the IT Dept will not change them. I was hoping that the BB Presenter would work because it has a VGA and S-Cable on it. Oh well. Thank
    01-28-13 09:50 PM
  7. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    That's too bad you have no HDMI connection. It is so simple with the PlayBook & I use it for all my presentations now. I use my 9850 as the remote so I can walk around during lecture. To think I once considered a laptop to be lightweight and convenient. Now it seems to weigh so much.
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    01-28-13 10:33 PM
  8. blueberrymerry's Avatar
    Yeah, the PB makes a perfect work tablet. HDMI out to a TV or a projector, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for input, Bluetooth tethering for Internet - it's a mobile office in 400 grams

    I don't even bring a laptop around anymore because the PB is that good for work stuff. I had an Android tablet before but I always carried my laptop, just in case. The PB is also good for chilling out by watching videos and reading Zinio mags. The battery lasts much longer than any laptop battery too.
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    01-29-13 01:23 AM
  9. dphjeff's Avatar
    I talked to BlackBerry support yesterday they gave me some options for the PlayBook. However the only thing that i can do to get my 9930 working with the presenter is to down grade the OS7 to OS6. The BlackBerry Presenter is being phased out and not going to be supported. I also asked them is Blackberry 10 coming to the PlayBook and they said yes but there not allowed to say what date.
    01-30-13 08:14 AM
  10. Angus_CB's Avatar
    I also asked them is Blackberry 10 coming to the PlayBook and they said yes but there not allowed to say what date.
    Thanks for trying.
    01-30-13 02:01 PM
  11. dphjeff's Avatar
    I tried to get other information from them but they weren't giving it up so close to the BlackBerry 10 launch. Oh well it all will be clear soon.
    01-30-13 02:09 PM
  12. sisko2003's Avatar
    Hi! What does that mean: "I talked to BlackBerry support yesterday they gave me some options for the PlayBook." I wnat to purchase the Presenter for use with my PlayBook. Is it working or not?
    Thanks !
    05-22-13 06:01 AM
  13. dphjeff's Avatar
    I could not get the Present to connect with my PlayBook it keeps telling me that there is no service available. As for my 9930 I didn't want to downgrade my OS so the Presenter is setting on the shelf. I will try it again and let you know.
    05-22-13 02:57 PM
  14. dphjeff's Avatar
    If you want to purchase a presenter sisko2003 you can have the one that I purchased just pay for the shipping.
    05-27-13 09:46 PM

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