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    My playbook suddenly stopped charging recently. It had a charge of about 35% and after charging it overnight, the charge remained at 35%. I'm using the USB charger it came with. I have tried several suggestions from all over the internet such as leaving the charger in and performing a hard reset, leaving it charging for several hours, etc. The battery is presently at 17%. When Plugged in to power, it shows the charging sign on the battery but the percentage doesnt increase. I have tried using my brother's charger (which charges his own playbook) and it still doesnt work. I have ordered the Rapid charger using the other charging port on the playbook hoping that would solve the issue but i'm wondering if there are any other suggestions i can try.
    PS: I can still view the playbook when connected to the PC so i think the USB port is still okay.
    12-22-12 04:30 AM
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    You may need to try stack charging. Plug it in for two minutes, then unplug for ten seconds. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.....

    It's much easier to stack charge using the rapid charger, but should work just fine with the wall/usb charger.

    You can also install Battery Guru, which will show you usage and charging.

    My PlayBook did the same thing a couple of weeks ago (stopped charging around 35% and continued to drain down into the teens). I stack charged it for a while, watching the charge in Battery Guru. Once it got over 20%, it started to charge normally. Ever since, it charges properly.
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    12-22-12 08:15 AM

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