07-01-12 07:19 PM
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    Sorry dude, but I am calling bull on your almost a year point. As well as taking issue with your "dissappointed constantly" remark.

    It is okay for you to prefer another device, I happen to have come back to BB after Android and Apple and I prefer the 9810+PB. To each their own. What you should be doing is moving along.
    I wonder what gave him away
    07-01-12 07:08 PM
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    I just bought a 64 gig playbook. We also have 2 iPads which we use a lot. I decided that I would like a small tablet to use out of the house. It seems to me that, for the price, the playbook is the best one available. Been playing with it for 2 days now and like it a lot.
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    07-01-12 07:19 PM
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