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    I've had this problem with my BlackBerry PlayBook since I got it (A year or two now). I've been searching for fixes to this since this happened and I still didn't find any solution.

    My PlayBook is bricked, or even in a worse condition.

    This is how it started:

    It was just an ordinary day and I decided to *mess* around with my PlayBook. I tried to jailbreak it (I was a beginner, my bad). I used BlackBerry Device Manager and Desktop Software to backup my PlayBook (everything, including data) and I left my PlayBook on the USB Charger (the one that comes included with your PlayBook) for the whole night. I couldn't stop the backup process (I don't know why). I woke up in the morning, went downstairs, and jumped back to my computer. The backup was made. I only had two more things left to do, restore my PlayBook to an older version and jailbreak it. I downloaded an older version which is just before the current one that I had and I clicked 'Restore from Backup' on the Device Manager screen. I waited a while and after about 2 minutes... 'BOOM'! My device froze. It froze right on the 'Restoring' screen. Device Manager popped-up a message: 'Device is not connected' and that's when everything became different. I didn't search 'How to fix a frozen screen on a BlackBerry PlayBook' because I was too stupid and foolish to even do that and I went my own way and decided to hard reset my PlayBook. I did and my Playbook shut off. I started it up again and after a few seconds, my PlayBook started to go on a loop of red LED lights of death that kept flashing. This is the order:

    Wait half a second...
    And then repeat...

    I have tried everything to find a solution (rapid charging, resets, stack charging, normal charging, etc.).Could someone please find a solution to this?


    EDIT: I've just found out that my error code is 101111. I've been told that it's a flash write failure. I don't have any idea of what to do, I'm confused. Please help! Another user told me that I have to keep my PB on charge for at least 2 days and wait for it to reboot once you hard reset. I'm trying that, but I need more suggestions in case that doesn't work.
    07-19-14 11:06 AM
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    One suggestion - make sure that the Playbook is really off. Take into a closet or dark room and make sure that screen is BLACK and there it is not backlight gray. Press the Power button till really off - sometimes it takes some time to fully dim. Now leave it on charge for a day/more.

    Reboot computer. You can either run the older Desktop Software or you can install the newer BBLink software which does work with a pb.

    Try plugging in the usb and run the computer software. See if you are offered the option to reinstall the OS or fix it.
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    07-20-14 12:11 PM
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    I've tried so many forums and I've asked so many users for help. The only thing I've found is that the battery is dead and the software is corrupted, which can be repaired once the newer battery is placed. I will go to the electronic shop to get the battery replaced. Thanks.

    EDIT: Any more suggestions?
    07-27-14 07:16 PM

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