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    I am eagerly waiting when RIM releases Tablet OS 2.0.What to expect from Enterprise Point of view.

    1>Ofcourse native emails with 4G Playbook connecting to my BES.
    2>Blackberry Balance so that I can have both my work and persnal emails on same device.
    3>Android Apps useful for enterptise such as Citrix,ebook,VNC,Bloomberg,Reuters,Office communicator,Mobilepass,salesforce or enterprise App store from where locally devloped apps can be hosted.
    4>MDM support via BES so that companies can control remote Playbooks via BES.
    5>Playbook should PPT or pdf's locally so that it will be very useful in presentation mode.

    I am so excited and eagerly waiting when people will start using playbooks for companies.

    I hope RIM will not disappoint us this time.

    If you know any other useful work cases for enterporise please share.

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    12-14-11 03:00 AM
  2. JPMorgan_'s Avatar
    Yahoo! Finance, and CNBC Pro, would be great additions too.
    12-14-11 12:08 PM