1. bb_lna's Avatar

    One thing I love about blackberry bridge is that I wouldn't have to duplicate my calendar or email and contacts as that all rather seamlessly fed though to my playbook once connected via the bridge plus of course utilising the phones data plan. I loved this feature. There were other elements, like the ability to view who was calling on the playbook, using bbm, also using the keyboard on my phone to type on my playbook (an unconventional keyboard if you will)...
    Though it initially isolated none blackberry phone users (which then was rectified) it provided a fantastic way to have both a bb phone and tablet yet my phone was a phone and tablet just that and not just my phone with a larger screen which is how i feel ios operates unless jailbroken. So are there any new and innovative ways the two with interact in bb10? Any apps developers currently looking at ways to do just that?
    01-14-13 03:43 AM
  2. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    I am interested in this as well. Bridge is brilliant. I use REMOTE CONTROL. In PRESENTER mode a lot. Does the Dev Alpha have the ability to pair with PB?
    01-14-13 06:35 AM
  3. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I too would like clarification on BB10 and Bridge.....I guess the answer will come soon enough. I've become accustom to BRIDGE on a day to day
    01-14-13 08:05 AM
  4. Nigelbrown's Avatar
    I was thinking this the other day, I remote my playbook all the time....
    01-14-13 11:24 AM
  5. jesse_h's Avatar
    I think we'll find out all about this, and more, on January 30th...
    01-14-13 03:43 PM
  6. jeffreytoronto's Avatar
    was also thinkig about this...especially if playbook is also updated to bb10.
    01-14-13 08:21 PM
  7. bb_lna's Avatar
    Lots of people on the same page hopefully an answer will come sooner or later (30 jan)
    01-15-13 02:17 AM
  8. diegonei's Avatar
    There is no reason to expect loss of features with the launch of the new platform. On the contrary. Now that both devices will be running on the same base-OS, we can expect to see Bridge do things it was not capable before (I'd say direct sync of PIM data, proper file transfer screen sharing, etc).

    DO note that this is what I would expect, it's not a rumor.
    01-15-13 07:17 PM
  9. bb_lna's Avatar
    any update on my initial question...
    02-02-13 05:53 PM
  10. bb_lna's Avatar
    02-04-13 12:32 PM

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