1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    hi everyone,i had purchased bb playbook around 6-7 yrs back,i used it a lot,and saved around 1000s of bookmarks in bookmark section,my question here is how can i transfer these bookmarks from playbook itself to my pc or some document form in playbook itself,typing each url is very long process as with so many bookmarks it takes around 15 minutes to open bookmark section in playbook,plz give me some easy solution so that i can save bookmarks quickly and safely from my playbook.

    2nd question is since last year i have not received any software updation call,why so?
    02-08-16 07:41 PM
  2. bhoqeem's Avatar
    I can't help about the bookmark, but PlayBook support has officially been ended or EOL since 2014, which is why there's no longer any update.

    I have just purchased a secondhand PlayBook myself. I know what to expect. I make do with whatever available on the current PlayBook Appstore and sideloading a bit from goodereader.com if necessary. I use the playbook for work with a bluetooth keyboard (lots of mobile document typing with DocToGo), streaming YouTube with EasyTube, play some musics, and some games. That's all.
    02-08-16 07:55 PM
  3. conite's Avatar
    There is no api available that would allow third party access to your bookmarks, so there is nothing you can do to export them.
    02-08-16 09:28 PM

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