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    So lets say, you go to bed at night with your favourite playbook by your side and when you wake up? You see some encrypted blinking lights and cant make head or tail of what is what? Dont worry the entire summary is listed here.

    I would request the moderators to sticky this thread. So people dont panic and look at the error codes first and then "PANIC!"

    Hope this helps crackberry forum users, who have fatal issues.

    Chesmo's playbook arrived with one red flash then three quick red flash and one red flash. Which forced me to dig the net and come up with this information.

    93 1011101 NAND failure

    Ordered beep code numbers are followed by the beep sequence followed by the explaination. RandomV deserves all the credit i had to dig it out and polish it and present it to you. He is the real man, behind this hard work. Hats off.

    Number Beeps Reason
    1 1 Not a bootrom error: the OS is resetting during init!
    3 11 No OS Loaded (*Tip: reload M_F_I)
    5 101 Bad OS CRC
    7 111 Missing OS CRC
    11 1011 Missing OS Trailer
    13 1101 OS Not Signed
    15 1111 OS Signature Invalid (*Tip: verify failure by loading software and let sit with no battery for approximately one hour, if it boots up itís fine; if it comes back with another BootRom Error, try replacing the flash)
    21 10101 Unknown Flash
    23 10111 Flash Initialization Problem (*Tip: try replacing flash)
    27 11011 Flash Erase Failure (*Tip: try replacing flash)
    29 11101 Flash Operation Out Of Range
    31 11111 Bad Bootrom CRC (*Tip: try replacing flash)
    43 101011 USB Driver Error
    45 101101 No Bootrom CRC
    47 101111 Flash Write Failure (*Tip: try replacing flash)
    53 110101 Invalid Memory Configuration Table
    55 110111 Password Not Initiated
    59 111011 RAM Initialization Problem (*Tip: try replacing flash)
    61 111101 Cache No Pages Free
    63 111111 Cache Invalid Page Type
    85 1010101 Random Number Failure
    87 1010111 OSStore Failure
    91 1011011 Security Init Failure
    93 1011101 NAND failure
    95 1011111 General Assert Failure
    107 1101011 GPIO failure
    109 1101101 Runtime library failure
    111 1101111 Exception: undefined isntruction
    117 1110101 Exception: SWI
    119 1110111 Exception: Prefetch Abor
    123 1111011 Exception: Data Abort
    125 1111101 Exception: Reserved
    127 1111111 Exception: IRQ
    171 10101011 Exception: FIQ
    Source : Blinking LED - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    Credit goes to : RandomV.

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    07-18-13 11:50 AM
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    Looks good thanks for the tips!
    07-18-13 12:45 PM
  3. ajnunezcr's Avatar
    I try to wipe my playbook, but when try to update the OS the device frozed, when try restart dont turn on. LED code is 1011011 (Security Init Failure), can someone help me
    10-08-13 01:51 AM
  4. rapol.goutham's Avatar
    I am facing a problem with my playbook, since 3 months it is not working, and the error code is 101111. Could any one please let me know how to replace the flash?

    Thank you in advance.
    10-08-13 04:01 AM

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