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    I've had my Playbook since March. It was last year's model at a nice price. Anyway, I tethered it to my BlackBerry Bold 9780 for Internet.

    My first issue on the PB happened earlier when some (about 3-5) of my keyboard keys went blank and blue. I could still click on them but I could also see what letters each box represents at the top above the predictive text line. I restarted and haven't had the problem again yet.

    My bigger issue is my 9780, the one I need to upgrade but do not have the monies at this time and thought it would be a good fit for last year's PB since they were from the same year, had some sort of come apart last night. And tonight. The clock would flash, then the regular screen, then back to the clock. Also I noticed that when the screens changed, they would fade, making it show both for a few seconds.

    I may have opened up a virus on my PB via FB by pure accident last night and did not realize it until it was suggested to me today. So I spent the whole of the day trying to find anti-virus and anti-malware apps for my phone. Strangely, there is not a "my world" in my
    BB app world to choose from. In fact, it's just blank. I have to go to my cellphone to look for apps.

    Someone please tell me.how to fix this stuff. I was under the understanding that RIM was very safe and already had security on the phones. We have a contract with BB at my job so that says something.
    06-21-12 02:15 AM
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    If there is nothing physically wrong with the 9780, do a backup, then security wipe it, then reload the OS, then restore your data.

    I had a of a time with my 9780 after the damn TSA nuked it. Fortunately they screwed up my phone on the return flight. I did the backup, wipe, reload, and restore. The odd behavior went away. My apps appeared to be lost, but actually the restore denotes that applications as uninstalled. They are there in the phone, but need to be clicked on to reinstall them.

    The security wipe must send a signal to RIM, because I had to enter every email password again. Also I had to enter the password for the app store.

    I have a playbook as well, but haven't had the problem you described.
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    06-21-12 02:44 AM
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    First do a battery pull on your 9780. If that doesn't solve your problems then update the 9780 OS to the latest available.

    For the PB - to a hard reboot and then check for updates via settings. If you PlayBook is updated and hhard reboot does not solve the problem, then do a security wipe and then update the OS.

    Make sure you have the Desktop Manager, 9780 latest OS (rroyy . Com) and Backup of your phone.

    For PB, make sure you have wi-fi internet connection before doing a security wipe.

    All your problems will be resolved.

    Ideally, you should get into the detailed restore option on the Desktop manager and individually select the restore data that is most important to you leaving out the rest.

    Do a manual backup after you have completed the entire process.

    Ps- Spare yourself a few hours. Do it right once and be happy for months until the next update.

    BlackBerry does not have any problems that the user can resolve unless it's hardware issue which is not in your case.
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    06-21-12 02:51 AM
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    Thank you both for your time and very detailed responses. I will try the desktop manager. I would have already but my PC stopped working last year and I could not afford a new one at the time so the PB sounded perfect since I like to be mobile anyway and it's more compact than a laptop.

    Will try on a trusted family member's PC.
    06-21-12 03:11 PM