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    My first Playbook started having issues similar to those at the Posts below. I had a good RMA experience with Blackberry and have been using a 2nd one for some time now with no issues. I still see a lot of posts on people having battery/charging issues with their Playbooks. I am sure there are a lot different reasons for this. I have a theory about one possible cause. I believe pluging a charger in while the Playbook is booting up, whether from being off or a restart, messes up it's power management. I believe this is what happened to my first Playbook. I don't think the battery was bad. I have been careful not to do that with my current playbook and have not had any problems with it. I have no way of proving this but suggest to others to avoid doing the same.


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    06-24-13 01:15 AM
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    You may be right, but I'm pretty sure BlackBerry mentionned it was a good thing to have the PlayBook plugged in while booting, for the simple fact it reduced boot time by about a minute.

    I've done both (booting with charger plugged in and not plugged in) and have never had any battery problems with my PlayBook.

    As in your case, we're talking about a single unit, I'd suggest it may be too few of a sample group to draw any conclusions.

    06-24-13 02:43 AM

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