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    I discovered a peculiar method to fix the 3001 Error without using Desktop Manager and the whole "get update" process within Desktop Manager.

    I find forcing the update via Desktop Manager takes infinitely longer than doing it through WiFi.

    I'm using Windows 7 and Blackberry Desktop Software

    So for anyone out there struggling with the 3001 error, give this a shot:

    1. Have your Windows 7 machine switched on. Open Blackberry Desktop Software. Be in range of the WiFi hotspot you originally used when you got the 3001 Error. Plug your USB cable that comes with your Playbook into your Windows machine. DO NOT have the other end plugged into the Playbook.

    2. On your Playbook, from the 3001 Error screen, hold in the Playbook power button until you're provided the options of: Turn Off, Restart, Standby. Once you see this, press on Turn Off. Allow the Playbook to turn off completely before you proceed.

    3. Now this is a bit important. Take the OTHER-END of the USB Cable that's plugged into your Windows 7 machine:
    a. Plug it into your Playbook and remove it just as immediately. So plug it into the Playbook and take it back out immediately.
    b. You will see the red LED light come on - give it about 2 or 3 seconds and then plug the OTHER-END back into the Playbook and leave it like that.
    c. You will notice that the red LED light goes off - and the Playbook screen stays off. Give it a few seconds, about 8 at most - and then press the power button once.

    4. The Playbook should start up, and quicker than usual, within 10-30 seconds. Ignore whatever Desktop Manager is doing.

    5. Once the Playbook starts up, you should see "Checking for Updates" instead of the 3001 Error. About 10-15 seconds and you will see that it now starts doing the update via WiFi.

    6. Blackberry Desktop Software will most likely pop up and say: Retry, Update, Cancel. Hit Cancel.

    7. Once the thing downloads about 3Mb - it's safe to pull the OTHER-END out of the Playbook - and it will continue with the update via WiFi without problem.

    I've done this with two brand new Blackberry Playbook 16GB units - both of which of course gave me the 3001 Error. Both times, the procedure was the same - both times it bypassed the 3001 Error and allowed a WiFi update.

    All of these steps MAY NOT be necessary - but this was how I discovered this possible fix - and this is how I'm relating it.

    I believe step 3 is largely the contributing factor - by putting the OTHER-END in and removing it immediately - that was the step that seemed to have done something to fix the error. With the second unit - I tried just putting in the OTHER-END without removing it immediately - all the Playbook did was start up and show the 3001 Error again. So I turned it off and did step 3 as explained above - and then it worked.

    Hope this helps for anyone experiencing the error.
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    11-13-12 06:50 PM
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    I've never even heard of a 3001 error, but if I ever come across it......I'll be back. Thanks for the post!
    11-13-12 08:43 PM

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