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    Sorry if its been asked but I got a question.

    I would like to buy a larger PB and was wondering how things work with bbID. I would like to give my old PB to a friend but what do you carry over with you bbID? Is it just apps? I'd assume you could download to the new device whatever you have purchased in app world/video store/ music again but is there any other content thats linked? like podcast subsriptions maybe? If my friend changes IDs on my old one will it wipe the data?

    06-17-12 03:22 AM
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    I did just this same thing.

    When your new PB arrives, just use your existing BBID and you will be able to redownload all your current apps. Also a good idea to do a complete backup so your settings and apps transfer over.

    Not sure if it was overkill, but I then performed a debrick so as to make sure the older PB was completely wiped clean(may have gotten away with just a security wipe, but not 100% sure on that).

    If you do not wipe the device before giving it to your friend, they will have access to everything on your PB(including BBID) and any payment methods your already have setup with app world.

    If you want them to have the apps you already have you can backup the PB, then run a debrick to wipe your information and BBID, then reinstall the backup. They will get the apps you currently have with the only exception being, if there are updates to said apps, they will have to pay for them under their own BBID to receive the update.
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    06-17-12 04:24 AM
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    Thanks. You answered everything. I was pretty sure someone would have gone through the same thing.
    06-17-12 02:11 PM