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    How would you know? It's all guess work by wall street analysts.

    yes you could say that but I know for a fact (sorry I cant quote this) that it costs amazon a few pennies to a dollar on every kindle fire they sell. Now when you look at what the fire was produced for, it does not take a genius to see how if every person who owns a kindle spending 20+ dollars on media consumption how amazon makes serious

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    The problem is that Kindle Fire buyers are originally Kindle e-reader buyers --- so there isn't much added cash because it is just cannibalizing their own non-subsidized product. They are buying the same number of books whether they read them on an e-reader or on a Fire --- but Amazon didn't have to subsidize the e-reader.

    Kindle Sales Plummet, And That Sucks

    I know it for a fact that any for-profit company will hype their sales numbers when they are half decent. For Amazon to completely not say anything about the Kindle Fire --- it shows you how unprofitable it really is.
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