1. Sridhara syama dasa's Avatar
    Hello Everyone

    Great community. This is my first post.
    I have been a non-smartphone user till now but recently got a used playbook and then found crackberry. Change of job meant that I give my non-smart phone back to the company and get a personal phone. Yesterday I signed up for prepaid from T-Mobile and thinking of eventually moving to SimpleMobile as they are cheaper by far - and still using the T-Mobile network.

    I am still hesitant to get the new blackberry phone (not having spent a dime on phones in many years) - but am considering getting a used blackberry. However, one of my main purposes in getting a smart(er) phone is the ability to listen to lectures and songs (religious in nature) from a certain website that uses yahoo web player. The yahoo web player shows up as a small tab on the bottom left of the screen which opens up the full player upon being clicked. What is NOT nice is that on my playbook this web player does not work. To add insult to injury it works fine on my wife's iPad. Here is a link to one of the many music / lecture folders on this site - Audio - ISKCON desire tree: The Vintage Series - Hare Krsna Bhajana

    My request is two-fold:

    1. Please help and guide me on how to get this web player working on my playbook.

    2. Secondly - is there any existing Blackberry phone that would be able to play audio directly from this site - without having to put down money for the new Z10 phone. Also - I am leaning more towards the qwerty model - which is still several months away.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Yours sincerely
    Sridhara-syama dasa
    01-19-13 02:00 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    I don't see the problem. Just click on a song and the Playbook will play it.
    01-19-13 02:14 PM
  3. Broxster's Avatar
    Plays ok on mine......or you can click and hold the title and save the file as an mp3.
    01-19-13 02:28 PM

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