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    The bridge connection to my Playbook stopped working last night. I have been trying to delete and reinstall. It seems to be gone from the home screen, but still on the phone. In BlackBerry world, when I go to install, instead of the "download" option, I see the "open" option. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks.

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    06-29-14 06:34 PM
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    If it says open, it means you did not delete it. Try delete the app again in your phone. Restart both your PlayBook and your phone. Re download the app on your phone again and try to pair it this time.
    Makes sure you delete the phone off your PlayBook before restart.
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    06-29-14 07:31 PM
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    Sometimes these connections go flaky for no apparent reason. Not sure what other steps you've tried, so let's start with some basics.

    First, go into the Bluetooth connections on your phone and delete the PlayBook. Then do the same on your PlayBook and delete your phone if it's still there. Be sure to do this in Bluetooth settings, not BlackBerry Bridge settings.

    Then open up the Bridge app on your phone and the BB Bridge configuration in PlayBook settings, and you should be able to pair the devices again.

    Jump back in here if that doesn't work and we'll see if there's something else to try. Good luck...
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    06-29-14 07:32 PM

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