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    For me BlackBerry Bridge is something truly amazing, it is something the other platforms don't have, and RIM should keep working to add even more functionality and thus value to it.

    With Playbook getting an upgrade to BB10 we should see a better bridge experience aswell.

    Here is a wish-list of improvements to Bridge for BlackBerry 10

    1.) For incoming calls, there is currently only a single option "ringer off" there should be addition of "reject" and "Answer with PlayBook Speaker phone". Caller information should also include more details including a picture, pulling up this information should not be an issue since the contacts app is also bridged.

    2.) Ability to initiate a Phone Call from the Bridged Phone, using the PlayBook's Native contacts app, bridged contacts, a new dialer app and the PlayBook with its speakers and microphones as Bluetooth Speakerphone.

    3.) Since Bridge can now Access Data over Wifi, I think we should now get a new icon in the Bridge folder labeled Media Streaming. This would be a media player that would allow us to play music and videos stored inside our phones, and also watch pictures from our phone on the larger screen.
    Bridge Media Streaming should also be accessible from the PlayBook's native media players, this could allow us to have a Bridge enabled playlist that could contain songs from both the PlayBook, and the Phone, and it should be smart enough to skip the Phone songs when not in range, or not bridged as opposed to having the whole playlist unavailable.

    4.) Native BBM for Playbook should not mean the Deletion of Bridged BBM. For people with BlackBerry Phones I still believe Bridged BBM would be preferable to having 2 BBMs.

    5.) A new "File Explorer for Bridge" which can be used to browse the file system in the Phone, and then copy or paste things to and from the PlayBook's file system.

    6.) Notifications other than bridged items. Not everything on the phone is always Bridged to the PlayBook, so imagine yourself on the couch and you have your Playbook in your hand, and the Phone is across the room charging, and it buzzes, but its something that bridge is not associated with, and thus there is no intimation from the PlayBook, You should just be able to open the Bridge folder and click on an icon which will bring up a pop-up or something that will show why the phone needs attention. The you can decide whether or not its worth getting up and reaching for the phone. This kind of information will only be on Pull basis since the PlayBook won't be giving you any hint that the phone is calling for you, you have to hear your phone, feel it buzz, see the blinking LED or have a sixth sense attuned to you phone.

    7.) Bridge should find my phone when its lost. Sometimes it so happens that the Playbook and the Phone are in bluetooth range but you can't find one of the devices and have the other in your hand. For such cases there should be a "Find my Phone" icon in the Bridge Folder which would open an app to help you find your "Lost Device" using the built in Compass and a Bluetooth Signal Strength Map, and Possibly by pulling GPS coordinates from the Lost Device. There could be a heat map showing the approximate location of your device, and a couple buttons to activate a Loud Sound (even in silent mode), LED light, or Lock the device with Password. This feature should be available on the Phone to look for your Playbook too.

    8.) Bridge Clipboard. If I copy something on my phone, then using bridge clipboard I should be able to paste it on my Playbook.

    9.) If RIM loses interest in Bridge for some reason, then atleast they could Open Bridge to Developers, I know this could be seen as a security concern, but imagine the possibilites...

    This list was posted on the Blackberry Beta Zone with the addition of two more features, first was the we should be able to access the password keeper over bridge, and secondly that native playbook apps should he "bridge aware" in the same way that the current file manager is.

    **UPDATE 2**
    I was informed that these suggestions were forwarded word for word to the BlackBerry Bridge Product Manager

    I thank you all for supporting the ideas and suggesting that these be sent to the beta zone, we might not be able to implement features ourselves, but i am glad that we can get our ideas across to the people who can.
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    10-18-12 05:16 AM
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    Post those to Beta Zone. I'm sure RIM's devs would appreciate.
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    10-18-12 07:27 AM
  3. urbnimports's Avatar
    Some of those are great ideas!!!
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    10-18-12 07:35 AM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    All good and hope for faster bluetooth 4
    10-18-12 08:02 AM
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    Love everything about this post. Bridge is one of the things that really sets RIM apart from the rest because it is so easy, intuitive and automatic in the way it does things. I've been a huge proponent of Bridge since day one and all these features are definitely possible with the technology. One thing I really want to see is the Media Streaming. The way it is now, it really only plays songs one at a time (and doesn't even handle videos), but that should be able to be improved in a more user-friendly experience. Opening the file explorer to play songs is not user-friendly. RIM needs to leverage Bridge by making it appealing to even the least tech-savvy users.
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    10-18-12 08:08 AM
  6. kbz1960's Avatar
    They need the newer faster bluetooth stack for streaming. Bluetooth 2.1 isn't going to do it.
    10-18-12 08:14 AM
  7. muker1515's Avatar
    I always wanted to take calls through the playbook
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    10-18-12 09:16 AM
  8. Uncle Remus's Avatar
    Right on! Bridge is one, if not the biggest reason I've stuck with BB and will support them up to and hopefully through BB10.

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    10-18-12 09:26 AM
  9. Qaxl's Avatar
    Post those to Beta Zone. I'm sure RIM's devs would appreciate.
    Took your advise, signed up for the BB Beta Zone, and put these suggestions there, also added 2 more feature requests to this list.
    10-19-12 05:55 AM
  10. Qaxl's Avatar
    Time to rescue BlackBerry Bridge.
    Go to this blog post and post your comments, let them know what we want from Bridge
    02-06-13 05:19 PM
  11. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    something i've been ranting on for a while,,, give the playbook bridged phone capabilities,,, http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...update-764874/ ,,, the capability is there,,, so is the demand,,, the publicity & word of mouth would go miles for them & give BBRY something no other platform has...
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    02-06-13 06:19 PM

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