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    These next 69+ days to BB10 are crawling by and I can't stop thinking about the release. so much so that I find myself thinking about stuff even in the shower...lol. The other day I started wondering about BB10 and the BB bridge. I know there are a few threads out on the Bridge with BB10...most of them asking if its coming. Most of us are pretty sure its coming, it would be a (IMO) crazy move by RIM to get rid of it. I'm pretty confident that the functionality will be there in one shape or form, and under one name or another. But I'm more curious as to what the thoughts of the CB community are around how it will work. There has been a bit of emphasis in the media, demos, etc. on the whole BB Balance bit and segregating workspaces between personal and business and all the wonderful things that the functionality entails, but how would it work with the bridge? Will there be two sets of bridge icons (personal vs. business)? Will it be consolidated? will we be able to switch between the two?

    I've had a pb since day one (yes I was the only one at my staples at 7 am on that sunny launch day in April to pick it up) and the use of the bridge with my work phone has been essential since, but I have no experience with BB Balance (not sure if its available on the OS6 & OS7 phones and if it is we definitely don't deploy it).

    Any thoughts?...Insight?...anybody know something I don't (not that that's really uncommon)?

    Thanks CB!!! (and a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone south of the border!!!)
    11-21-12 08:34 AM
  2. eyhab27's Avatar
    There should not be a Bridge App per say. It should be engrained into the OS as it is in the PlayBook.
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    11-21-12 09:15 AM
  3. diegonei's Avatar
    Most likely it will work as it does now. With a little luck, eyhab27 is right and it will be built-in. With a little more luck, it will allow for direct PIM data sync (no need to use proxies like gmail).
    11-21-12 09:23 AM
  4. jonty12's Avatar
    Are you using the native apps through Active Sync and a BES Server for mail? On my PlayBook, when OS2 came out, I immediately got a "work" folder on my PlayBook when I connected to my work ActiveSync account. This is really a preview of what you'll see on the BB10 phone, and since it's already on the PB, I wouldn't imagine it would go away. I can't copy/paste from/to work and non-work documents on my PB. They act as completely different environments. It works so well that it can actually be frustrating. Many things are easy to get around though, if your "work" provides an OWA interface - just access work mail through the non-work browser and copy from there.
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    11-21-12 09:27 AM
  5. limh5's Avatar
    I think RIM might be hiding Bridge features right now. When I turn on Bluetooth on my Dev Alpha B, I see existing profiles for a 9800 and PlayBook (they've tested it out before). That got me thinking, what would a London-PlayBook bridge connection allow? What would a London-9800 connection allow (they both have cellular connection and native email anyways)?

    Of course, sharing pics, videos and audio files is the most obvious use. But there might be other features.
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    11-21-12 09:31 AM
  6. Barljo's Avatar
    I've been thinking of waiting for the physical keyboard bb10, but I've had a thought reading this thread... Do we know for sure whether the new bridge may or may not have a full screen keyboard for the touch screen phones to use when bridged?

    That would change EVERYTHING!
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    11-21-12 01:12 PM
  7. bbzak's Avatar
    There should not be a Bridge App per say. It should be engrained into the OS as it is in the PlayBook.
    I would be thinking on the same lines too.
    Bridge features would be part of the os or integrated into a nice standalone interface.
    11-21-12 01:17 PM
  8. ekafara's Avatar
    From what I understand when QNX devices connect together they are using something called Q-net. When they are connected on Q-net they can share processing power to run applications. So when the PlayBook and the BB 10 phones are hooked up together they will become one device(in a way). I'm not sure about sharing files from one to the other, I'd think that it would be instantaneous. It would be great if the CrackBerry crew was able to interview someone from the QNX crew on this.

    From http://www.qnx.com/developers/docs/6.3.2/neutrino/user_guide/qnet.html#Introduction
    "What is Qnet?

    A Neutrino native network is a group of interconnected workstations running only Neutrino. In this network, a program can transparently access any resource -- whether it's a file, a device, or a process -- on any other node (a computer or a workstation) in your local subnetwork. You can even run programs on other nodes.

    The Qnet protocol provides transparent networking across a Neutrino network; Qnet implements a local area network that's optimized to provide a fast, seamless interface between Neutrino workstations, whatever the type of hardware."
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    11-21-12 01:35 PM

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