1. heppyX's Avatar
    The screen of one of my 3 Playbooks is not turning on anymore. I can access the PB through USB and did a full backup. It is very difficult to determine, with a black screen, if the PB is running or turned off. The only indication what it is doing is the LED. It seems to be fully charged.
    Anyways I was able to reload the OS through BB-Link, but still no success, the screen does not turn on.
    Does anybody have an idea what else I could try? Is there any diagnostic software?

    The PB is out of warranty, I got it in the first wave of discounted PBs for a good price. It would be nice if I could rescue it, but I won't spend any money on it.

    Any helpful input would be appreciated
    09-24-13 10:58 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    Could be the screen back light has failed and you can't see the display. Try putting it onto a TV screen with the external hdmi, it might give a few clues.
    09-24-13 11:05 AM
  3. heppyX's Avatar
    Okay, HDMI on the tv works. Even the touch screen works. So what else can do?
    It seems to be the back light as suggested.
    09-24-13 01:15 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Using physical pressure, press around the screen edges or gently try flexing the frame or twisting it. That might show some loose connection. I guess you could open it and see if some cable came loose. Or you could relegate it to the hdmi-tv unit and use it with a BT mouse and watch videos, etc.

    Good luck
    09-24-13 04:37 PM

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