1. david_nbyla's Avatar
    Hey Guys,

    I am thinking about doing wireless presentations with my Playbook. Sure I can use the HDMI cable but I'd rather have no wires plugged into my TV and just bluetooth my powerpoint over.

    Coupled with Blackberry Bridge this woud be pretty awesome.

    My questions: Does the Blackberry Presenter for smartphones work with Playbook?
    03-22-12 11:22 AM
  2. guerllamo7's Avatar
    I tried and it does not. Actually, it does not even work with newer BB phones. The presenter does not make as much sense after the Playbook became available with BB remote.
    However, BB Remote does. It is free too.

    Your BB can get BB Bridge and it will have the remote option. After you open it, put it on presentation mode and you can just click away for your presentation. It works awesome.

    However, keep in mind that if you have an older projector you may need an HDMI to VGA converter. You can get one for around 60 bucks. I just got one for $150.00 and it works great.
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    03-22-12 12:02 PM
  3. david_nbyla's Avatar
    Thanks dude.

    I'm just looking for a way to wirelessly send my presentations from my playbook to my TV.

    I plan on changing slides from my handheld via bridge.
    03-22-12 01:17 PM