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    I've done a fair bit of searching on this for many devices and I haven't ever found a solution.

    All I want to do is remove black bars for ANY dvd I rip onto my Playbook. I've tried tha various setting in Freemake, I've also tried messing around with Handbrake - but it never works. I don't mind that it will stretch the image - I just want away with those black bars.

    Does anyone know how to achieve this for different source formats i.e. 16:9 etc?

    06-06-12 08:06 AM
  2. luqman24's Avatar
    I'm no formatting expert but I think it depends on which aspect ratio the movie was originally shot in. The only way you can fill the screen on the Playbook is to zoom in which means the quality will get a bit worse but it'll come down to which is more important to you, decreasing the video quality a bit or filling the screen. Hope this helps.
    06-06-12 08:18 AM
  3. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    encode your movie wit a 1024X600 resolution. Should do the trick
    06-06-12 08:19 AM
  4. Sprawl's Avatar
    pinch and zoom the video on te playbook
    06-06-12 08:29 AM
  5. sav25's Avatar
    The problem with pinch & zoom is that you lose the edges on the film - and when you get a film that adds etxt to say the location/data etc you end up losing that.

    I think i'm already doing mine at 1024x600 but i'll check. I literally just want to cut and stretch - I know that people might look a bit thin but that's fine - i'd rather that than cutting off edges and losing quality.

    Any other thoughts? Would have thought someone would have developed a program for this by now?
    06-06-12 10:53 AM
  6. Mr_Bunny's Avatar
    Check out Pavtube Blu-ray Video Converter, you can crop movies with it, works extremely well if you have videos that you want to convert for playbook, improves quality.

    Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate–rip/decrypt Blu-ray/DVD, convert video to MKV/ AVI/H.264…
    06-06-12 12:10 PM
  7. Icarus3000's Avatar
    I know that people might look a bit thin but that's fine - i'd rather that than cutting off edges and losing quality.
    You will need to find out the resolution of the original source and calculate how to get it to "fit" into a 1024x600 space. A good website for this type of info is: VideoHelp.com - Forum, Guides, Tools and hardware lists

    Good luck... (but I would recommend giving the black bars a try for a while. You generally wouldn't lose much off the sides by cropping, but you definitely lose quality by distorting the aspect ratio. Personally, I can't watch a video encoded that way, but to each his own.).
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    06-06-12 12:58 PM