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    Gave PB #4 to our Adult Daughter for Christmas. She was absolutely thrilled. Even more so when she found it fully set up with her own BBID (got her password from Granddaughter) ....Music loaded, tons of old family photos, some great apps downloaded. Even the trial copy of Files & Folders which I told her she could not live without. We got her the charging dock and convertible case from CB too, so she is set to go.

    I really am happy that I took the time to set it up and load music etc onto it as she was amazed that she didn't have to do a thing but enjoy it. We later got out her laptop and I showed her how to connect to it wireless to transfer files to the PB. She is loving it, I knew she would, which makes me happy too!!

    Now we all have Playbooks!!
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    12-26-11 07:01 AM
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    Awesome thinking of pre-loading music/pics/vids!
    Did you set up your video chat e-mails?
    12-26-11 07:27 AM