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    I have 3 Playbooks 16,32, and 64. My friend came over last night and tried one, he wants to buy one. Here is my problem all are set up with different BB ID's. The 16 and 32 get the most use and have apps purchased on them. The 64 has nothing but movies on it and it would be the easiest to sell but I would like to keep it. So I want to take the 16 and transfer all of it's stuff to the 32 including BB ID and take all the 32 stuff and transfer it to the 64 including BB ID. Then I can swipe the 16 and sell it to my friend. Is there an easy way to do this?
    07-03-12 12:15 PM
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    The way I just did something similar was to use Blackberry Desktop manager. Do a full backup of each machine...in your case the 16 and 32. Once you have the backups complete you will have to do a security wipe (only way to change BB id's) and then restore. Very simple and worked flawlessly!!!!
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    07-03-12 12:22 PM