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    When I bought my first playbook, my dear wife was less than impressed, because I had previously bought a Samsung Tablet. So she was even less impressed when I bought a second playbook....because it was a bargain and I wanted to play with sideloading, beta OS without doing anything to my regular work use pb.

    She has finally relented a bit, when I was demonstrating video chat with the two pb's. We happened to be baby sitting our granddaughter. My ingenious wife decided video chat would make a really great baby monitor. Sleeping soundly, little Lindsay was then given one pb in her crib...while grandpa settled in front of the tube with pb by his side!!

    Just one of the many practical uses for a second playbook.
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    09-20-12 09:18 AM
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    Great post - did similar yesterday; took my son out on my day off to a coffee shop. Bought him a toasted teacake (which he loves) covered in jam. Couldn't resist - got the PB linked up to my android connection & video called my wife @ work to show her the mess! Let's just say laughter all round!
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    09-20-12 09:41 AM