1. GV2012's Avatar
    So basically as the title asks. I know there is sinking of email etc but that's not my forte .
    All I have right now for contact s on the PB are the few I have for the video chat. I have gmail, yahoo, and my Internet provider ie cogeco/rogers for those in Ont. I believe the provider one is a bit more difficult to sync but what do I know.
    Which would be easiest to sync with contacts

    01-25-13 05:00 PM
  2. twstd.reality's Avatar
    Not exactly sure what you're asking, but I've had no problems with Gmail on both my playbook and phone.
    01-25-13 07:35 PM
  3. nnomad's Avatar
    Yahoo works fine here in TO.
    01-25-13 09:04 PM
  4. djenkins6's Avatar
    If you don't want to set up the accounts on the playbook you can use the respective web access for each provider, http://mail.Google.com http://mail.yahoo.com etc
    01-25-13 09:24 PM
  5. GV2012's Avatar
    Thanks all. Sorry if my question was confusing. I guess I should have just asked for tips on using the email sync as I've never used the feature.
    Edit : Well I just hooked up my yahoo email ok but i got some error message that couldnt sync it's calendar.
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    01-25-13 09:46 PM
  6. nnomad's Avatar
    Try a reboot on the playbook. Power and volume up buttons on top.
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    01-25-13 10:42 PM
  7. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    OP I have had sync issues with yahoo too but Gmail and Outlook both work flawlessly with Calendar. Although yahoo mail works I get a connection error a lot.
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    01-26-13 01:01 AM
  8. GV2012's Avatar
    Ok so I was messing around a bit and i like that the contracts get populated automatically but just curious if I want to delete one of the email address that it is linked to, how to? I tried looking around the menus but don't see any function for that . Also how do you control which email address will be used when sending out emails?
    Thanks for the patience.
    01-26-13 01:41 AM
  9. backfire101's Avatar
    Create new email, select a point in your email and drag it down an inch, a box will show up in which you can sekect the sender.
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    01-26-13 02:37 AM
  10. FF22's Avatar
    usually you should be able to swipe down and see a pencil which when tapped allows editing.
    01-26-13 10:18 AM
  11. GV2012's Avatar
    Create new email, select a point in your email and drag it down an inch, a box will show up in which you can sekect the sender.
    I meant if you have 2 unique email accounts synced and you want to send out an email, how do you choose which account it will be sent from? In Google you drop down menu where the "from " address is to choose from which account.
    01-26-13 06:57 PM
  12. twstd.reality's Avatar
    ^^ it's the same on the playbook. Just like backfire said, if you scroll up a bit in the compose email window you will see a "from" field above the "to" field. In the from field there will be a drop box where you can select which email to send from. To setup a default email to send from go into settings (corner swipe to see gear icon), select accounts on the left pane, and then choose default accounts. From there, you can set the defaults for email and calendar.
    Attached Thumbnails Best method to email from playbook without bb phone/plan.-img_00000014.jpg  
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    01-26-13 11:11 PM

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