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    Hey hey fellow crackberrians!

    I just wanted to give you just another example of why the PB is so awesome, and imo, the best tablet on the market.

    I posted about receiving my PB at christmas and how my fiance (man do I love her) had purchased another PB for her step-dad as well. Now he is NOT in any way, shape, or form a techie. As a matter of fact, he has never used a tablet in his life.

    Being as they live in florida during the winter, I wasn't there too give him any pointers. He has figured out the gestures on his own and after a phone call told him how to add a contact to video chat, he is a PB junkie!

    We just closed out a chat not ten minutes ago and I am amazed at how easy it is to use the PB. RIMM really gave us all something special here guys.

    Anyone else have some awesome examples to share?
    01-04-12 10:36 PM
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    This is actually very important...the PlayBook IS very easy to use
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    01-04-12 11:01 PM
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    Well I gave one to my 5 year old son and he use it to play games, watch movies, go on Youtube, Internet and video chat with his Aunt. He Loves it and takes it everywhere he goes.
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    01-04-12 11:25 PM
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    im no techie either... and i figured this thing out that night.
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    01-05-12 01:17 AM
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    Turning showcase mode on and Playing AngryBirds and AngryBirds seasons at the same time while listening to a movie playing, and then swiping between all three and showing the smootness of the UI and that all three are running at once, or swiping to the launcher(desktop?) and watching all three run.

    Fun to watch people bug out.
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    01-05-12 01:29 AM
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    Similar story about my dad's friend who came over to visit... him nor my dad are tech junkies. In fact, my parents don't even have an internet provider. So when I went over to say hello to my dad and his friend, the friend needed the internet to help fill out some insurance quotes online... with the lack of internet at my parents' place, I whipped out the Playbook, bridged it up, and we were off to the races. My dad's friend was very impressed and he even impressed me with his quick learning curve to navigate around the Playbook and websites.
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    01-05-12 01:35 AM