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    Hello all.

    My favorite show in the entire world is " The OC "

    I'm going away in the summer for a month, and I'm taking my new BlackBerry Playbook with me. Its got 16GB of space available.

    (I know, I should have waited and got the 64GB for the same price at about 300 or so, but I thought that at $250 it was a steal for 16GB)

    Anyways, theres like 92 episodes of the show, each at 350MB a piece.

    They're encoded in an AVI format.

    According to RIM, PlayBook supports these formats...

    If the images do not show, plz go to ...


    The Episodes of the show feature these attributes. Please note that some Episodes have the first set of attributes, while others have the second.

    Frame Width - 640 OR 512
    Frame Height - 368 OR 384
    Date Rate - 985Kbps OR 1032Kbps
    Total Bitrate - 1113Kbps OR 1165Kbps
    Frame Rate - 23 Frames / Second OR 25 Frames / Second

    Bit Rate (Audio) 128Kbps OR 132 Kbps
    Channels - 2 Stereo
    Audio Sample Rate - 48 kHz

    Note that the PlayBook screen size is 1024 x 600
    640 x 368 = 1024 x 588
    512 x 384 = 800 x 600

    I'm figuring that the 640 x 368 videos will play the best, while the 512 x 384 will have significant bars on the ends.

    I'm trying to do this now rather than later, while I have the time and resources available.

    Its impossible to fit all 92 eps. on the 16GB PlayBook, it takes up about 7.2 DVD's, x 4.7GB = 34 GB.

    With the given information above, and the formats that PlayBook supports, what container do you recommend I convert the files to? (To fit as many eps as possible on the device. At 350MB a show, thats about 28 eps in 10GB, to leave space for apps, etc.)

    Also, what application should I use (paid or free)? Should I upconvert the video to match the sizes above (1024x588 and 800x600) or should I just leave it the same, and let PlayBook enlarge it?

    The same goes for settings, what values should I put for the settings when converting the video?

    Thanks in advance, help is greatly appreciated.
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    The OC was a really good show... but havent you watched it over and over already? lol

    Anyways, will you have access to wifi on your vacation?

    If you do then you can upload as many episodes as can fit on your PB, then you can upload the rest onto a cloud storage site and when you get the wifi access you can delete the episodes you have already watched and download the ones you have uploaded to the cloud storage for use away from the wifi.

    Also, if you have a portable harddrive you can just connect to a computer and switch out the episodes once you watch them.

    if you give me more details about the vacation (access info) I could give other ideas
    01-29-12 01:51 PM
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    Lol, admittedly I have :P

    I will not have access to WiFi while I'm gone. I'll be heading out to rural Europe (well, sorta rural lol) for about a month.

    I have considered getting an unlimited Data plan for my BlackBerry phone. I haven't thought about it that way, but I would only be able to get max 13 eps. that way if I leave the AVI's the way they are. Unlt'd data usually means up to 5GB then you're throttled.

    I could also get a 32GB SD card, but thats like 100+ dollars.

    I'm not going to be able to bring a computer along, (I don't have a laptop around) I'm more of a desktop fan with all the upgrades and power lol... I got the PB to sorta be a travel companion... I could possibly find a PC somewhere to transfer the files, but again... I do not have an external HDD (ugh, I know I should have ALL these things lol).

    Great idea on the cloud storage one :P I'll keep open to other suggestions, thank you very much!
    01-29-12 02:14 PM
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    By no means am I an expert but I think your best bet would be -like it says in the third image- to convert them to .mp4s with h.264 video encoding and aac audio. Depending on the program you use you might also consider lowering the quality a bit and/or lowering the resolution to save space. Just make sure you'll be able to watch it comfortably.
    01-29-12 02:53 PM
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    Changing the container format won't change the file size or the quality. A container's a container as far as that goes. AVI is a container not a codec.

    The real question is what video codec are those in? I'm betting Xvid, that's standard for 350MB TV episodes. If they were converted to H.264 you could probably manage the same quality in half the space. Don't touch the resolution while doing this. If you go down you'll save space but they'll look pretty crappy (they're already SD), going up accomplishes nothing but wasting space (the PB converts them up when it plays).

    I doubt you'll get any significant savings converting the audio. 128Kb/s is about as low as you want to go. The audio is probably already in MP3, so just leave that.

    To contain the H.264 video you'll want to use a MP4 container rather than AVI. H.264 video codec + leave the audio MP3 or AAC (whatever it already is).

    I don't have a specific app recommendation. I use FFmpeg but it's really meant for Linux and is command line only. There may be some FFmpeg GUIs (frontends, that hide the command line stuff) for Windows/Mac that are okay. It'd be a good place to start as FFmpeg is free and good quality.
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    Thanks for the help guys!

    According to VLC media player ,the video is an Xvid, yes you were right taylortbb

    The audio is a "MPEG Audio Layer 1 2 3 (mpga)" which means MP3.

    Now I have to experiment lol... I'll report back with my findings on a couple test runs that I do.

    So, to get this correct...

    Xvid --> H.264 (same res.)
    MP3 --> MP3 (same thing, no convert)

    Final --> .MP4 Alright. I'll try it out. Thanks again
    01-29-12 03:24 PM
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    That's correct. H.264 and Xvid both come in different qualities though, so you'll probably have to set a bitrate or target filesize. Either halve your bitrate or set a target file size of 175MB.

    Look for a "copy" or "bypass" option on the audio. That's better than decoding and re-encoding it into the same format, which loses a bit of quality.
    01-29-12 03:28 PM
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    Ah, okay. I'm sure I'll figure it out from here now that I have the basic info of what I need to do. I'll be sure to report my findings.

    01-29-12 03:34 PM
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    Fantastic News!!

    After using the Xilisoft Converter (trial) it worked!

    The quality is a bit choppy on the computer, but looks fantastic on the PlayBook. File size is 213MB. I'm guessing with a couple more test runs and changes, I'll be able to get it down to around 180ish if I can take the quality.

    Thanks again @taylortbb @rmah and @FSevereno for kindly giving suggestions
    01-29-12 04:55 PM
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    I think this could be a good thread for those who would like some quickie, small videos of tv shows where the resolution does not have to be top notch. Of course, the conversions might be time-consuming.

    I prefer avi's if I can get them so that I can burn them to a data-dvd and play them in my dvd disc player which plays xvid/vidx format but not mp4 or mkv.
    01-29-12 05:12 PM
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    To be honest, the episode that was 43 minutes long took about 11 minutes to change on my HP Pavillion with Core2Duo at 2GHz, and 4GB RAM under Windows 7 x64

    I'm sure modern, more powerful desktops could convert it faster :P

    And yes, I agree with you @F2 - that's exactly what I have here. AVI files, that I burned onto Data DVD's so I can play them in my DVD player, PS3, backup for Computer, and now with shorter file sizes, travel with playbook
    01-29-12 06:01 PM
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    Is that converter available. I'm not able to log to their site? Maybe just a glitch.
    01-29-12 06:40 PM
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    Is that converter available. I'm not able to log to their site? Maybe just a glitch.
    Worked fine for me a couple hours ago...

    See here

    01-29-12 06:44 PM
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    another option would be to convert them to a lower resolution bc you may not be able to notice much difference on the 7 inch screen. if that cuts it in half then you can double your number of episodes.
    01-29-12 09:21 PM