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    The best Home Page / Bookmarks page I have finally found for the PlayBook Browser is MyFav.es

    Myfav.es - Start Here

    Shiny & sleek, with customizable settings. I feel it's much more useful & usable than the current frustrating default page that is barely serviceable as a bookmarks home page.

    Check it out

    Here's a couple of comparable screenshots:

    The Default Bookmarks Home Page:

    & MyFav.es, which I'm playing around with to fit my liking:

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    02-01-12 02:39 AM
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    I use a text matrix to show my favorites as my homepage. No graphics - simple 3 column table.
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    02-01-12 10:11 AM
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    This is great not just for PB but of anyone using multiple devices and browsers. Thanks
    02-01-12 01:48 PM