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    I know this has been discussed, but I have found what I believe to be an ideal solution for both Playbook and Handset charging in a car. Many have learned that you need a "Charging ONLY cable" to charge your Playbook (and some BB phones) with USB output type car adapters. Regular USB data cables don't work.

    I found a very nice, low profile, dual port automotive adapter that outputs 2.1A from the lower port (for your Playbook), and 1.0A from the upper port (for your BB Handset)
    Here it is for under $12 from Amazon.com -


    Then I got the following Charge ONLY cables, $4 each from Amazon.com -

    Amazon.com: Charge Only PureGear Cable (Retail Package) for Universal Micro USB: Cell Phones & Accessories

    So the adapter, along with two of these cables, makes a nice charging setup if you have a Playbook and a BB phone.

    Hope this helps.
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    06-20-12 04:27 PM
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    I was going to post on the thread about mobile charging, but this works.
    I got the exact same two items. They work and the prices are very reasonable. Shipping was quick. I ordered Monday and received them on Thursday.
    06-22-12 09:05 AM