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    Hey friends,
    Its me, Lenny. Im the guy who has to wait until 13 June to open my birthday present (BB Playbook surprise!). Ive been reading all your input in the forums and since I dont have the playbook in my hands yet (yes, Im a good boy) and want to get the BB Bold 9930 this July to work with it, is there anything I should know regarding new updates and pre-setup installs before I just dive in? I did read the tips and tricks and forum guidance for beginners, but it hasnt been updated in a while and just wanted to ensure I dont jack something up because of new changes or update procedures.
    You guys have no idea how much we beginners need your input and apologize for not knowing or missing previous guidance. I promise Im reading everything, but Blackberry is totally new to me and you have to admit, its a lot to consume at once.
    Thanks for all you do for us newbies and I hope to provide some input once I know what the heck Im doing.

    06-04-12 01:05 PM
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    No worries! Go for the Bold 9930 I have the AT&T version 9900 and it rocks! That is all...
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    06-04-12 01:49 PM
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    The Bold 9930 is a GREAT choice...IMO. I would suggest reading "BlackBerry Tips" found at the top of these pages, there is some GREAT information to be found for beginners and enthusiasts alike. The combination of Playbook and 9930 will make for a GREAT BlackBerry experience .
    Also try out some different Themes.....I think there pretty KOOL and gives the ultimate in BlackBerry Customization
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    06-04-12 02:11 PM
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    The PB manual is available for download on RIMs website in PDF format. Might want to grab a copy when you get your surprise up and running.
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    06-04-12 02:16 PM
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    Yes reading all the "stickies" at the top of the Bold and PlayBook forums is a good idea. Also read the "101" articles here on CrackBerry. Two of the most important things to know are:

    Backing up your device before you mess with it.

    How to install OS'es (including leaks).
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    06-04-12 02:26 PM
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    Hey friends, Its me, Lenny. Im the guy who has to wait until 13 June to open my birthday present (BB Playbook surprise!).
    Lenny... if it makes you feel any better, I have to "wait" till Father's Day to open my "surprise" too.... haha
    06-04-12 07:45 PM
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    Bookmark these forums

    Check out the Bold 9930/9900 forums here...

    Add check the MarketPlace for other forum members selling or trading everything BB... Be sure to read the stickies at the top in the MarketPlace...

    Blackberry Apps for the phones....

    And the BB10 new OS.. coming soon...
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    06-04-12 08:05 PM
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    I read all the stickies and have used my pb every day since I got it. But it was only when I saw a pic of someone else's I realised you can customise the quick launch bar. (for want of a better word)

    Ui customisation thread please!!
    06-05-12 05:53 AM
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    Well, i guess you didn't go for the the brick in the box trick........

    Since you will be on VZW (Big Red), I have the Torch 9850 and paired with the PB it's GREAT.

    One word of caution: If you get a phone from VZW, AND it happens to still have OS 7.0 Bundle 1328, LEAVE IT THERE! Do not do the OS upgrade that VZW is pushing. I tried it after watching/reading others upgrading their phones to 7.1.

    REGRETS. My battery drain jumped to 4/5% an hour at "idle". The only reason that VZW is pushing this update is to load up the VZW Hotspot ability on your phone to help induce more charges for the data. You can let other people piggyback on "Your Hotspot".

    Mo' money, Mo' money, Mo money.

    I was able to revert back to the original os (7.0 from original purchase) and all was well.

    Soooo, ALWAYS watch what others are experiencing before you go and do that 7.1 update.

    AND download the PDF manual for the Playbook, and if you keep reading it continuously, MAYBE your parents will weaken..............

    Good luck and welcome.

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    06-05-12 09:37 AM
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    You mean the 5 positions on The Dock. Yes, but be aware that there is (maybe) a bug - it you place ALL FOLDERS in those five positions, the pb might stall on booting.

    You also realize that there can be additional PANELS that you can create off to the right (or left once you've created more than a couple of them).

    And if you drag icons atop one another, you can create FOLDERS holding icons and name them.
    06-05-12 09:44 AM
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    The playbook will automatically download/install the latest OS when you go through the set up. I have a VZW 9930 on 7.1 276. I have no issues with the software or battery.
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    06-05-12 09:46 AM