1. keith1000's Avatar
    anyone tried to download songs from this site to their PB? my friend told me about this site and downloads songs to her torch all the time, but i cant get it to work, i got a "preview"

    thx keith
    12-25-11 01:36 AM
  2. ciabo's Avatar
    yeah, heres how u do it, look for the song u like, then select one, check the duration to see its the real song, then put in the code u get and after u putted the code, press and hold the green link and chose save link as and save as preview and ur done, check ur download site to see if its donwloading, after check ur music app, should be there, hope this helps
    12-25-11 01:52 AM
  3. cleveland216's Avatar
    yeah I downloaded a song a couple weeks ago from beemp3 to the PB. And I love how it shows in the Music app instantly
    12-25-11 03:10 AM