1. beckyh112's Avatar
    I've bridged my phone to the playbook but when I go to use BBM on the playbook it comes up with 'your version of blackberry messenger is not compatible with blackberry bridge. Download the latest version of BBM to use it on your playbook.' but I've already got the latest version of BBM?? I haven't got any upgrades for BBM so what can I do?
    03-15-13 08:54 AM
  2. Anonymous94587689's Avatar
    Silly question(s) - What device are you using ? Version of OS ? Version of BBM and Bridge on device ?
    03-15-13 09:12 AM
  3. Orange UK's Avatar
    Be thankful Orange could not work out why my BB services stopped working 9 months into my Pearl 3G contract, I'm now out of the 24 month contract and still they don't work? Alas PlayBook at least bridges to a better experience, all my data shows as BlackBerry but my Pearl has no services just the browser which is hidden.
    03-15-13 02:46 PM

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