1. PaulVO1's Avatar
    using bbm ver 6.1049, works fine on my Torch 9800, but the new features don't come thru to the PB. Also, sometimes the PB lags behind the phone... i can move on in the conversation on ph and the pb freezes on an older msg Have i missed something? Download an upgrade to the pb?
    01-31-12 07:59 PM
  2. DeveionA's Avatar
    same here, on my pb it says i have 3 messages when i dont.. how do i get ride of that?
    01-31-12 09:15 PM
  3. cntrydncr223's Avatar
    It happens on mine, too.
    I hope it's going to be fixed, or less lag, when the OS 2 comes out.
    01-31-12 09:19 PM