1. svelt's Avatar
    I'm wondering if there is any other PB owner that has signed on for the BBM Channels beta? My BBM bridge on the Playbook was working out swimmingly until tonight, where it would just load, go into an endless circular loop and never loads. I did have channels installed before and it did work fine up until today, so I don't know what would have changed to cause the issue. I've also tried deleting and readding the PB through bridge to no avail.

    Anyone else using Channels and finding the Bridge BBM to be broken on the PB?
    11-01-13 01:18 AM
  2. svelt's Avatar
    Well, this shows that you should always try the simplest option first. I fixed it by hard-resetting both the phone and the PB (Vol + and Vol -), deleting the bridged connection from both devices and re-adding it. Much better than any alternative option...
    11-01-13 01:24 AM

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