1. nchesh's Avatar
    The bbc have just announced that they have made it possible that you can now download programmes from bbc iplayer and play on tablets and smartphones.
    I can download to my playbook but it then says I need to download the the original file and the license to play the programme but doesn't say how to do this.
    Has anyone done this and how do you get the license downloaded.

    09-06-12 02:41 AM
  2. littd's Avatar
    Please see this related discussion. atm not possible, but BBC may be changing things so we can stay positive about it
    09-06-12 03:05 AM
  3. nchesh's Avatar
    Hope so love the playbook, but some mainstream players such as bbc need to be encouraged to supply software that will work with the playbook.
    09-06-12 03:09 AM
  4. amiteo's Avatar
    Digging up an old thread as not much change on the iplayer download front for PB users. And I think the Android app may still not be able to download media??

    Does anyone here with developer level knowledge understand what framework the iOS iplayer app is on (html5??) and therefore could make an educated guess about the difficulty or otherwise of converting to PB/BB10?
    03-22-13 02:09 PM
  5. nchesh's Avatar
    Quick update re BBC and im not sure how long ago this happened but blackberry os7 is not now supported by bbc iplayer
    11-10-13 01:17 AM