1. amjass12's Avatar
    I was wondering if anyone knows if the bb10 os will have features like click on battery icon and get immediate battery info along with turn of restart etc option... Bluetooth, screen orientation, wifi etc like in the playbook.... And also if 'settings' will be as simple as it is in blackberry 2.0. Im not saying turn bb10 into bb 2.0, but such features are awesome.. I know that the bb10 demonstration is not the final release by any means, but the battery icons etc looks like it can't be touched for further information, I'm hoping it's not the same for settings as well...cos that would be a step back.. Although I know rim wouldn't do this!!! Just seeing if nyone knows!!

    Also I know this is minor and trivial, so don't bite my head of... But these are features that make the playbook the easiest/most user friendly device to use, and I guess these features also fit perfectly with the flow/one handed on the move experience.

    06-15-12 04:15 AM
  2. G-bone's Avatar
    It seems likely that it will be even better than PlayBook 2.0...
    06-15-12 05:04 AM