11-13-12 10:59 AM
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    LOL.. Talk about getting off topic!

    The only reason why I started this thread was because I wanted to show that BB10 on PlayBook is being developed and tested.

    It is interesting to see that there appear to be some PlayBooks out there being tested with BB10. Just wish RIM didn't appear to be giving up on the PlayBook. I know they are busy with BB10 Phones, but some kind of time line of when they might have a PB2 or when BB10 for the PlayBook would be release, might give everyone a little more confidence the the PlayBook wasn't EOL. Cause the PlayBook is being clearance at most retail locations, and the number of locations were you can find them in stock have almost disappeared. If a company were interested in a tablet right now, not sure RIM even has an available option anymore.
    11-12-12 04:44 PM
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    The HTML5 test is great and all, but I'd like to see general rendering speed improvements and (particularly) stability improvements.The PlayBook browser is fine when it works, but it checkerboards too much still and is the least stable app for me on the device.

    I don't care if it gets 900 points at HTML5test if the thing is crashing every other time I use it.
    Crashing is related to java script..from what I have heard. What fixed it for me was to clear cache a few times and reboot. Has not crashed in about a month. Before I couldn't get it to work for five mins..
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    11-12-12 05:11 PM
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    The iPad mini also has a GPU that is even better than the Tegra 3 in the Nexus 7 (same GPU as in the iPad 2)

    Given that the most demanding apps on tablets these days are games, the iPad mini IS all round significantly more powerful than the Playbook...especially when it comes to gaming performance.
    Wow. iPad mini/2 has a marginally better GPU than the playbook and you say it IS ALL AROUND BETTER and SIGNIFICANTLY MORE POWERFUL ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO GAMING? That sounds really biased. I can agree that it may be slightly better for graphics processing, but not completely all around better and more powerful. No way. It has less usable memory and is still 2 year old tech. This proves my point that such minor differences in hardware does not matter to most tablet users because it is not an issue and the mini is selling anyway.

    Sorry OP. Getting back to topic. HTML5 scores, IMO, don't reflect that any one browser is better than another. The playbooks browser may have an amazing HTML5 score but I find the iPad browser much smoother in loading HTML. It would seem that it may have been streamlined to only deal with the components of HTML5 that tablet users would find useful. Hence the lower score. Flash, not HTML scores make the playbook the better browser for me. Just have to deal with slower software performance. Oh, and, one more thing I swear, simplifying software is another good reason that hardware differences don't matter and is the core of Apple's success.
    11-13-12 10:59 AM
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