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    I see a lot of people complaining about BB10 being delayed until 2013. Some are talking about bailing on the PB for newer, said to be better tablets that no one has held yet.

    Anyway...I'm looking forward to a BB10 Beta for the PB before Christmas, maybe even October or November. We've had 2.1 beta for a while now and do you think they're going to release it with no testing?

    I don't. I think we may be closer than we think to getting it. It may have some bugs but will be functional. One thing that bugs me is RIM not opening up the USB OTG with the 2.0 update.

    As for the newer tabs being faster, well, it has been that way since the beginning. It is not RIMs fault you just had to have one at $499. I waited, and got my monies worth and my PB will serve me well even if I have to wait till 2013.

    If RIM don't come out with a better one after that, well, I'll buy one of the others after the prices fall and be happy again.

    Most of my friends and I build our own computers. Some built dual core computers with CPU costs of $300+. Not me, I waited and built my Quad Core Phenom II running 4Ghz which is going to last me a while and I done it at half the cost they did. Now they want one as fast as mine, and can build better, cheaper.

    That is just the way it is. BUT RIM does need to get it together if they plan to stay in the tablet market. They should already have BB10 on the PB and a Quad core PB coming out in 2013.
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    07-06-12 04:18 PM
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    Right on Yankee! I'm a firm believer that computer or tech literacy requires a screwdriver not just a mouse and keyboard. In our house if you want a computer you're gonna build it and understand what you chose to build it with.
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    07-06-12 05:44 PM
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    Agreed Yankee I know RIM has talented people but I just don't know if the leadership is there to make them great again. Good job on CPU!
    07-06-12 05:48 PM