1. bernhet's Avatar

    I couldn't find anything related to this issue, so I ask the question...

    All the files and folders on my 9100 (Pearl 3G) smartphone (running under OS show wrong date/time when displayed on PlayBook native file browser via Bridge. In fact, they all show the same futuristic date : "2106-02-06 20:28:15".

    Problem is similar with File Browser app on PlayBook : this time, the machine goes back in time and every smartphone folder or file (photo, video or document) is stamped "Wed Dec 31 1969 07:00:00 PM". Well, at that time, I was pretty young, so go figure...!

    I have no date problem with files in PlayBook, but when accessing the phone's files, I just can't do any sorting using the date... Any experience with this issue?

    Thanks in advance.
    07-16-12 12:51 PM
  2. I am JT's Avatar
    Nope, All of my files and folders show correct dates on my PB and my BB via bridge.
    07-16-12 01:07 PM
  3. farside33's Avatar
    Using native file manager on PB bridged to my 9800 (OS 6) shows the correct dates.
    File Browser shows the December 31, 1969 date for all files and folders.
    Ghost Commander also shows the correct dates.
    07-16-12 02:58 PM
  4. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    Yup files and folders has always shown that same December 1969 date on mine as well.
    07-16-12 03:03 PM