1. jason18's Avatar
    Does anyone know if there would be a screensaver available for the playbook that is the colored circles like when the playbook starts up? I'd love to have that.
    09-25-12 01:23 PM
  2. saudadeii's Avatar
    The screensaver is called "Standby".
    09-25-12 01:25 PM
  3. jason18's Avatar
    Is it available to be downloaded as an app to run on my playbook as its docked and charging?
    09-25-12 01:28 PM
  4. spatialmongrel's Avatar
    your best bet is the antair nightstand app - it has a theme called daydream which is fairly similar, and has the option to keep on without letting the screen go dark. I use it for my bedside clock and alarm at night, while plugged in to the rapid charger.
    09-25-12 01:30 PM
  5. bay1902's Avatar
    What he is alluding to is pressing the battery icone & then selecting the 'standby' button. Will work whilst charging. Apart from that I no of no other PB screesavers - but nightstand will do the trick too
    09-25-12 01:36 PM
  6. jason18's Avatar
    I understand standby mode, I thought maybe that's what it was called. If my playbook is on my rapid charger, it doesn't show a screen saver. Whether I let it time out into standby, or put it in standby, or lock it, or let it lock. Is there an auto-screen saver function on the PB?
    09-25-12 01:39 PM
  7. bay1902's Avatar
    Simply, no

    Edit - I stand corrected - 2 seconds on google found this: http://crackberry.com/ultimate-scree...berry-playbook

    Edit 2 - and this: http://www.blackberrycool.com/2011/1...r-application/
    09-25-12 01:57 PM