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    hello my fellow CrackBerrians,

    i have been searching the forums to find how come when i am using my Roxio software program to create a DVD it will not recognize the PlayBooks MPEG-4 videos so i can't choose it to create a DVD?

    any ideas how i can convert the videos to some other media format?

    thanks Bla1ze, you are correct i am using Windows XP on my PC.
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    There is a billion and one video converters out there.

    Free Video Converter| MP4 FLV 3GP AVI MKV DVD| FREE Download

    Give it a go, should work.. if not.. Google some more until you find one that does.

    You never gave any info on what OS you're using so, I assume Windows.
    08-30-12 08:37 PM
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    Find some other DVD burning software. You shouldn't have to convert your vids to burn a video DVD, that's just a waste of time- especially since the burner program converts the vids to DVD video format. Why in effect convert twice. Maybe look here- http://www.techsupportalert.com/best...g-software.htm
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    thanks Pacoman...

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    Just for burning a dvd is MS moviemaker good enough in my opinion.
    08-31-12 03:34 AM