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    I have a few issues with my playbook. The main thing is my charge/sync connection is broke. My charger won't charge it (it's an official playbook charger) and my both my computer and laptop don't recognize the playbook. I've look through the forums and i've checked the device driver to see if it was in there and everything else but it doesn't show up. When the playbook is sleep and I insert the micro usb cable or the charger it registers for a split second because it wakes up. The usb connection does feel a little loose. I do have the latest version of Blackberry Desktop software and it doesn't see it. That's my main issue.

    Other issues:
    - My playbook version is and it's showing an update available for Everytime I try to update (i've done it at least 15 times) the firmware, the tablet would download it (364mb), tell me to press install to install it, and then get to about 98 percent installation and then give me an error saying it can't install it.
    - I have downloaded podcast's onto it and played them (via wifi of course) and that worked fine. I have transferred and played music and videos via wifi share and that worked fine.
    - I had app world and KOBO on it and app world would not download any apps (I always tried the free apps) and it would not let me download anything. I always received an error on app world saying could not download from the server, check my connection. On Kobo I would just get a spinning wheel and nothing would ever download. It's as if something is blocking both sites from allowing me to download. I do have an APP World registration with an email and password and I was logged into App World with that info.
    - Last thing is I did was a security wipe thinking I can start from scratch and that SHOULD me a fresh start as if I just bought the playbook. That was a dumb move because not only did it wipe out everything I put on it (movies, music, pdf', etcs) it got rid of all the stock apps like music player, video player, app world, camera app. Everything except the browser, face book, twitter, and 4 email apps (hotmail, aol, yahoo, gmail). Since I can't sync to playbook desktop I can't retrieve those stock apps.

    That's it in a nut shell. Before you ask, I purchased this off of ebay. It was sold as is because it would not charge and had a dent in the back and when I received it I was getting the red light followed by 5 green light configuration. I know there's no warrant on it and I'm just wondering if anyone knows about these symptoms and possible fixes. I can charge it because I purchased the rapid charger (the one with the 3 prong magnetic end) and it charges perfectly with that. If anyone can give me a possible fix on the firmware download problem or where I can get the usb port fixed I would greatly appreciate it.
    01-30-12 12:35 PM
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    I doubt your USB port will be fixable. Luckily the PlayBook lets you do everything over WiFi.

    As for the OS, did you have to go through the new PlayBook setup after your security wipe? You should have had to. That would have forced an update to 1.0.8. Did it not do that?
    01-30-12 12:53 PM
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    After the security swipe the home page just came back up without having to do a system setup or login or anything. I don't know what's going on. And i've done the security swipe a few times.
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    01-30-12 12:56 PM
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    After I wiped mine I have always had to go thru the setup.
    01-30-12 01:22 PM
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    There's definitely something wrong there if you didn't have to go through the new device setup. You could phone RIM and see if they'll cover it. Given it hasn't been out a year yet every device should still be under warranty. Don't mention ebay, just act like you bought it somewhere big but don't remember exactly.
    01-30-12 01:25 PM
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    I'll give them a call and see what they say. Thanks.
    01-30-12 01:30 PM
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    Unforfunately Blackberry wants me to PURCHASE incident based support to get any help. Should've figured.
    01-30-12 01:57 PM