1. Christina Hanson1's Avatar
    how do I send pictures to facebook on playbook do I need a special app
    03-06-13 10:15 AM
  2. Blackberry_Fiend's Avatar
    Are you using the facebook app or the browser? With the app, it's as easy as tapping the "photo/video" button in the upper right hand corner and choosing "Camera" (to take a picture) or "Media Library" (to use an existing picture)

    With the browser, it's the same process as using your computer. Left side of your screen beneath your picture where it says STATUS/PHOTO/PLACE/LIFE EVENT...you click photo (wait a few seconds as your page refreshes), options to "UPLOAD PHOTOS/VIDEO" or "CREATE PHOTO ALBUM" show up. You pick "UPLOAD PHOTOS/VIDEO" and you instantly get a popup showing your personal "FILE MANAGER" from there it's a matter of accessing your PICTURES folder and selecting the picture you would like to upload.

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    03-06-13 01:21 PM

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