1. saniswary's Avatar
    Please help regarding problem faced by me as one message is used to be displayed " Device Blocked:MM#6" in newly purchased BB Playbook 32GB 4G LTE from Ebay last 3 weeks ago. Specially the message comes whenever 3G airtel prepaid simcard is inserted. But prior to this once it was accepted but could not find list of network carrier. So, thinking, if device is rebooted problem would be solved, instead it shows device is blocked message repeatedly. When I wanted to reload or connect bbplaybook through bb link or desktop manager it also ended up with the message "an error...." and it is incomplet respectively after following instructions for updating and problem with synch as well.
    Please help me. I have gone through all steps mentioned by experts through this forum but still I used to end up with message " an error......" Gone already security wipe as well.
    10-30-14 08:39 PM
  2. sk8er_tor's Avatar
    It will only work on Wi-Fi but you may want to try the solution identified here for reloading the OS:
    10-30-14 10:55 PM
  3. Oglon3r's Avatar

    Posted via my STA100-5 z30
    11-01-14 09:07 AM
  4. saniswary's Avatar
    What's tech meaning of MM#6 in case of BB Playbook? Any idea from anybody? I don't have any idea if the device is blacklisted.
    11-02-14 05:09 PM
  5. saniswary's Avatar
    Hi, is there software to solve "Device Blocked:MM#6" that this message will not be displayed anymore and my 3g prepaid simcard from airtel service provider would access cellular network flawlesly.
    Expecting big help as well as permanent solution....
    11-04-14 10:50 AM
  6. Leatherfacez10's Avatar
    Just reload your OS. Your carrier data file is outdated or corrupt. Only way to fix this problem.

    Posted via CB10
    11-04-14 03:10 PM
  7. saniswary's Avatar
    How to reload? Is there any other way to reload the os bb playbook than through desktop software or? Please guide me step by step. As few days back I could access the mobile network and working fantastic but after sometime it was not working. Sometimes in mobile network tab I can turn on and off and I can search manually the availability of existing network carrier but cannot connect. What to do I'm frustrated. I did already security wipe and software update also. But wifi works perfect so far. Please expert, help me to solve this problem.
    I will remain grateful.
    11-22-14 08:53 PM
  8. mh1983's Avatar
    Try the autoloader in this thread:


    Download the zip, extract, and run the EXE with your PB plugged in. Note that this will completely wipe the device and install the OS from scratch, but sounds like the route you want to go.
    11-23-14 12:27 PM
  9. saniswary's Avatar
    I did reload the OS but problem relating to mobile network access is remained same. When I used to insert the simple card 1. Sim card is rejected. 2. This phone has been blocked and cannot be used on the network (MM#6). But it is not at all that I could not use mobile network, I could get mobile network signal and could access as well. But when I turned off the mobile Network option and it is gone. Before that I did restart the device with pressing volume up, down, middle with power button. But nothing is working eventhough I all these now - updating etc... Please help me. Thanks. Kind acknowledgement is highly appreciated.
    12-02-14 06:38 PM
  10. BoneMatrix's Avatar
    I experienced the same issue but with a different carrier (UK). The problem for me was that I had tried to use a smartphone SIM when what I needed was a data only SIM. Once that was installed & correct APN details entered all has been fine, excellent in fact.

    BTW, I find the1.5GHz 4G/LTE PB is noticeably snappier and smoother than my other 1GHz PB.
    Fire In The Bones likes this.
    06-21-15 03:13 AM

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