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    Speaker pairs with PlayBook and works, but out of nowhere after a short period of time, all sound is lost and there is no recovery from it without restarting the Playbook.
    Note- speaker stays paired - no sound
    - shutting off speaker doesn't help. PlayBook still has no sound, and still says a powered down speaker is still connected.
    - impossible to disconnect the speaker from the Playbook even after the speaker is powered off.
    - neither device recovers sound.
    - same results on different PlayBook with a second newly purchased mini speaker (I have two now, and 4 Playbooks)
    - haven't tried it with the music app on the Playbook or anything else . Only youtube, app and browser video.

    The other problem which is NEW, is the remote function with Bridge on the new 10.3 OS will not work, period, no matter what I do.( both the Playbook and Z10 show a Bluetooth connection and i can do other bridge functions but absolutely no remote capacity.

    BB mini stereo speaker issue with PlayBook-1234.png

    BB mini stereo speaker issue with PlayBook-img_20150221_105139.png

    BB mini stereo speaker issue with PlayBook-img_20150221_105202.png

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    EDIT: bridge is back up and working again.
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    Glad to hear its working for you.
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    03-13-15 10:45 AM

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