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    Hey all,

    I've had a playbook for a while and it works great and had a 9900 at the same time. Both worked great and no problems synching music with itunes using bb desktop manager until recently. I upgraded to a Q10 and now have bb link which I can use to sync my itunes playlist with but now bb desktop manager won't connect when I click on music to sync my itunes playlist with the play book :S It will sync and let me back up my playbook but as soon as I click on music, it says can't connect. I have tried searching for a solution but either haven't spent enough time or haven't been searching correctly because haven't found a solution. If anyone has had this issue or knows if it has already been resolved, please point me in the right direction. Much appreciated! Thank you!

    12-17-13 09:29 PM
  2. tos_84's Avatar
    For whatever reason I thought playbook won't work with BB link, tried it after posting this and it works. Don't know how to delete this thread though..
    12-17-13 09:51 PM

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