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    So BB seems to still be working on BB Bridge for BB10.

    We got an update today that adds back SMS support and seems to improve the behaviour of the bridged BBM client (it seems less glitchy now, but maybe that's my imagination).

    So now we only seem to be missing the other PIM apps and the 'Open on" feature.

    I'm not sure if the PIM apps will make it, but it would be nice if 'Open on" moved into the BB10 'Play on" screen when the phone is bridged. (Edit: Just discovered that a bridged PlayBook is now a Share target for music, photos, pdfs, docs, and web pages, so this is even better than having them in 'Play On'.)

    A couple other things that would be cool but would sort of take bridge beyond what they had in BB7:

    1) Have a bridged PlayBook appear in the list of Devices in the BB10 File Manager (though I suspect this would require a PlayBook OS update).

    2) I noticed in the PB file manager that under: /BlackBerryDevice/home/user there's a folder named after my BB Linked PC and I can navigate in there and see the files and folders on my PC, but trying to open any of the files fails. If they fixed that and allowed the PlayBook to use the bridge to access files on my PC via Link they would have a a pretty cool (if only marginally more useful) feature.
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    11-18-13 08:46 PM
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    These all seem to be reasonable ideas. I have to admit, I like the idea of browsing files back and forth between the two devices.
    11-18-13 10:32 PM

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