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    BB 9780 and PB 64 roaming and data roaming

    I wonder if someone has a good Ideas

    I have a BB 9780 (US T-mobile) and PB 64 and a travel a lot to EU and the UAE
    I call T-Mobile before leaving the US and them to turn on my international BB service, which is email only for $20 per month or part of. A steal.

    Than I forward all my BB phone call to my Vonage and / or to my skype number. So I can leave my cell reception on when outside the US. Both ( Vonage and Skype) will send me an email from whom I had received a call. If it is a US call I use my BB 9730 WIFI UMA service and call back, using my allotted US cell phone minutes. Most hoel lobbies have free WIFI

    The problem is if I download an attachment on my BB 9780 or I use the bridge with the PB 64 than data roaming is used, and than it gets expensive

    For my phone calls in EU and the UAE I use local SIM cards with an unlocked old BB 8230, which I sync with my respective Outlook database. While this does not give me BB email service, but most of my contact in these areas use SMS only anyway which saves me a bundle on roaming.

    My question is:
    how can I use my my PB64 and avoid these nasty roaming charges in the EU and UAE
    Is anyone using the PB while BB phone is roaming in a foreign country?

    BTW the PB is slow as the BB runs on EDGE GSM 2,5 in most of these country anyway

    09-13-12 12:36 PM