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    So I have been reading throughout this site and many others trying to find a solution with no luck so far. As of yesterday my 32GB wifi playbook is virtually unusable. When I try to power it up it does nothing at all, no lights or anything. If I plug it in to the charger (one that came with it, rapid or dock) it will boot up and be just fine, battery shows between 97 and 100% depending on what I have been trying. I remove the charger and within 30sec or so it shuts off instantly (no power down screen or anything).

    - With Playbook turned off and plugging in the charger I get a red light for aprox. 10sec, then a pulsing yellow (pulses 5-7 times) then goes solid green.
    - If I unplug the charger I get the charge logo on the screen for 20ish sec before it fades away.
    - I installed battery guru, battery condition is 86%, charge shows the same as the OS and it shows charging at normal rates if the charge is below 100%.
    - I tried stack charging for 45min or so. After that the playbook booted without being plugged in but once fully booted it shut off after about 30sec just like before.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I really like my playbook and don't see anything else on the market at this time I want.
    11-09-13 12:12 PM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Hi! I'm sorry you're having this trouble. See if this helps.

    11-10-13 05:02 AM

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